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What Are Power Bands?

Power bands are bracelets that optimize athletic performance when worn around the wrist. The original power band is the Power Balance Bracelet. It's worn by many professional atheletes. The popularity of the Power Balance Bracelet has heightened the interest in sports energy bracelets in general. It has also given rise to similar products and people using the term power bands as a generic category label.

Most people have lots of questions about the Power Balance bracelet the first time they hear about it. What is it made of? What are the supposed benefits of wearing one? And most importantly, does it work? Let's take a closer look.

Power Balance is made with 100% surgical grade, durable silicon. It could very easily stretch to fit your wrists, though there are sizes to which your hand could is an easy fit. The style is a very fashionable and the colors are in a wide range. You could choose amongst colors like dark blue, black, gray, orange, pink, red, white, yellow and clear. Some colors are also available in neon bright tones.

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There are also limited edition of these power bands, which are made especially for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and the NBA All-Star. These NBA All-Star bands could even show your support for your favorite NBA team. L.A. Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and New York Knicks could be chosen from.

It has a visible double holographic disk that is embedded with a low electrical frequency. The design is a half an inch thick, with the circular holographic disks creating an inch-high oval to contain it.

Upon wearing a Power Balance band, the holographic disk would generate a low frequency, which has been said to give better energy flow and cell communication. When these things happen, optimum performance would be possible.

It is told that a person wearing a Power Balance band would have better physical performance and better emotional and mental well being. It is said that it would give you better balance, strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance and focus. Faster brain function and faster muscle responses are also supposed benefits of this power band. If you are interested, here is a full discussion on whether Power Balance is a scam.

Currently, there is no surefire way to know if these power bands really work. In general, results seem to vary based on the individual. What is true is that it has collected a ton of positive experiences from sportsmen and women everywhere.

For sure, there are many different opinions about power bands. Perhaps the best way to know if they work is to try it out directly, rather than believing the opinions and judgments of other people. In the meantime, you can also check out additional reviews and get more details about these bands and bracelets. Click here for prices and the full selection.