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Energy Bracelets for Women - A Buyer's Guide

You can see many people wearing energy bracelets for women nowadays. It has become a trend that everyone seeking to have a healthier and happier life, more endurance and strength for sports activities or simply to have a balanced and harmonious life.

Energy bracelets for women have a lot of promising features and potential health benefits, making them sought-after. Also, as alternative medicine is increasingly gaining popularity and more people are trying to find ways to heal without surgery that made energy bracelets a trend. Not only that, they come in all sorts of colors and designs, which something to suit every occasion and lady's taste.

What exactly are energy bracelets and what can they do to your body? The concept behind energy bracelets is to largely based on alternative medicine theories that work on enhancing the energy flow of a person. When an illness or bodily pain or discomfort happens, it is hypothesized that there are blockages in the energy flow of a person. By wearing these bracelets, it smooths out the energy flow and bring about greater health and wellness for the wearer.

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It is a means for women and men to increase their power, strength, flexibility and balance that will bring positive results to their lives. Although popularized as sports bracelets in the past few years, these are worn by just anyone seeking better health. Such bracelets are worn by many elderly people seeking comfort in such bracelets to help them with their ailments and pain. They are also worn by athletes seeking for something that can boost their athletic performance, and most people in the labor force seeking to become more productive in their daily work.

There are many different types of energy bracelets you can find that serve different purposes. Being made of different materials, they are suited for various designs. Here are some of the most popular types of energy bracelets worn by many people that target specific needs.

Copper Bracelets

Copper has long been known, since ancient civilizations, to have medicinal purposes. Actually, we all need copper in low doses for its health benefits such as melanin and collagen production as well as helping enzymes to perform better for their respective functions. It assists our respiration system and provides for unencumbered blood flow through our arteries.

While we need it in low doses only, the food we eat may not provide sufficient amounts. Only 30% of ingested copper is absorbed into the body. With such bracelets, copper passes through the skin in small quantities and in a time-release fashion, which makes it efficiently pass through and join the blood circulation for better distribution of copper all over the body. Copper is known to help alleviate pain especially those who suffer from arthritis.

Copper comes in various tones of alluring reddish brown, making it the perfect material to make a fashion statement. This is also a great way to jazz up your outfit as copper bracelets have become a great accessory or jewelry to many women as well.

You can choose from a variety of designs that they offer to suit your taste. With lots of designs, it is easy to find one to accessorize any outfit and complement the wearer's skin tone. Not only will it do well for your health wearing such bracelet but it expresses a person's style with elegance.

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Magnetic Bracelets

Like copper, magnets have also been around used in healing and alleviating pain since the ancient times. Magnets are known to help promote better blood circulation as well as energizing the body for better and more productive work. Since promoting better circulation is the main advantage of using magnets, people who wear magnetic bracelets have also report feeling healthier as proper and better distribution of nutrients occur.

Magnetic bracelets have long been known to help treat asthma, joint pains, headaches, asthma and many other ailments. Magnets offer a more natural way of healing arthritis than copper bracelets as there is no substance that enters your body – only vibrations that produce better blood circulation to alleviate pain.

Magnetic bracelets come in lots of styles and designs, making them a choice of accessory for women to wear, even if they are not really interested in the health related aspects. They are fashioned from materials like copper, silver and stainless steel, as well as colorful cloth fabrics. They come in gold finishes as well. These bracelets work great for casual wear, office wear and formal occasions, and everything in between.

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Hematite Jewelry Bracelets

Hematite is an attractive and shiny greyish mineral that has often been fashioned into bead jewelry and bracelets since ancient times. Essentially, it is a form of iron oxide. Besides being dark and greyish, you can also find hematite beads in brown or reddish brown.

Many people who have worn hematite have attested that it indeed helped them ease their pain. Hematite is also known for providing inner peace and tranquility for your soul. It helps you relax and de-stress whenever you need it for a better and lighter feel. In ancient times, the stone has been attributed mystical powers. Ancient Romans carried these stones in battle, as they thought it would it them protection. Pueblo Indian medicine men also wore hematite jewelry.

In modern times, because of their color tones, hematite beads are often well-suited for feminine bracelet designs that appeal to women. Many women find happiness in this piece of jewelry not only because it is very affordable but also because it is a great statement piece that can accentuate your skin tone and your outfit. Styles that come with multi-colored stone beads are also attractive and fun for ladies to wear. If you are interested in hematite bracelets, check out this Utopia Hematite and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Negative Ion Bracelets

The world is naturally filled with positive and negative charges. But negative charges become very rare in urban landscapes filled with car exhaust, cell phones and computers. Negative ions are naturally present in nature, such as trees and rivers. Thus, in such setting, there are more positive ions swimming around causing an imbalance in our state of living. The imbalance of positive to negative ions can induce stress, headaches and episodes of physical pain.

Negative ion bracelets help balance out the more abundant positive charges in the environment by supplying the negative ion charges to bring balance into your life. With the balance it provides to your life, you become more relaxed and stress-free that boosts your mental alertness and capabilities.

The difference between hematite and negative ion bracelets is only a matter of taste preference. Negative ion bracelets come usually in rubber bands as compared to hematite which has a more elegant finish. If you want a more casual look that comes in a variety of fun and vibrant colors, you can go for negative ion bracelets. Lately, companies like Trionz has ventured into more elegant pieces like a Titanium negative ionic bracelet, and Energy Armor has a very classy stainless steel negative ion women's link bracelet.

Hologram Bracelets

Probably the latest trend that hit the energy bracelets market is hologram bracelets. Hologram bracelets work much in the same way as negative ion bracelets as they both provide balance and equilibrium into your life by balancing out the electro-magnetic field surrounding your body. This is done via a programmed holographic disc that is part of the bracelet. A popular example is the Mylar holographic disc on the Power Balance bracelet.

It is believed that each person has a magnetic energy field surrounding him composed of charges at a certain frequency. The frequency of the holographic disc is said to interact with the wearer's energy field, tuning it to more naturally flowing state. By doing so, you bring more energy, more balance and more power into your life.

This is the reason why many athletes use this bracelet as it helps boost their athletic performance. You can also use this as a great accessory with its sleek silicon band that provides a casual but not cheap looking band in your wrist. It is also available in many different colors that many women will surely love as it can match just about any outfit that they wear.

Energy bracelets for women, though lacking in scientific evidence, have become a huge fashion and health trend as many people seek alternatives to health and healing that can make them look fashionable as well.